White City Hotel

White City Hotel, designed with a modern design, meets the needs of every businessman, holding the position of leader in the city's hotel business. Those traveling on business should not have any doubt about the place where to stay in Berat.

Our hotel under the brand Sidnej, is new and the only 4 star hotel in the city and is incomparable choice for local and international businessmen . The panoramic view of Berat and immediate contact with the city gives you the opportunity for a walk. This advantageous position, helping you to spend less time in traffic and spend more hours enjoying the city. If you find yourself in Berat to visit the city, enjoying the craft products, which have been substantial part of everyday life, and lifestyle, and have been the main activity of many generations living in many centuries. You have the opportunity to visit all in a very short time since everything is a short step away.



E-mail: whitecityhotel.berat@yahoo.com